Duterte makes decision on his future in politics — Analysis

Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines will be running for Senator in May’s general election. The decision was announced hours before the candidates’ registration deadline and follows months of media speculation.

Duterte said, earlier, that he would participate in the election. However, he left it up to his supporters to guess what position he was running.

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But he stated that he will not be challenging his daughter Sara Duterte Carpio for the vice presidential position with Ferdinand Bongbong the son. Duterte’s past contradictory statements (including the one on retirement) have added more twists and turns to an ever-changing preelection landscape.

There have been many major surprises in the election campaign. Duterte-Caprio was expected to run for president but, despite her lead in the polls, decided to go for the vice presidency, while Senator Christopher “Bong” Gohas made the opposite decision by withdrawing from the vice-presidential race and registering to run for president. The Philippines elects vice presidents as well as presidents.

Another front-runner for the country’s top position is Manny Pacquiao, a former boxing world champion and a senator.

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