Drunken sailors may have caused deadly Baltic Sea collision — Analysis

The incident that led to the death of at least one person was caused by the collision between a Danish and British cargo ship.

Two ships collided on Monday in the Baltic Sea, leaving at least one Danish crew member dead and another missing. The Danish ship – Karin Høj – capsized during the incident, while the British ship – the Scot Carrier – and its crew were reported to have suffered no major injuries.

While the cause of collision is not known, it was reported that two Scot Carrier crewmembers were found to have exceeded intoxication limits during Swedish tests.

Ships collide in Baltic Sea

Jonatan Tholin was the Swedish investigation’s chief. He stated Monday that “additional criminal suspicions have arisen, including gross sea drunkenness.” The Scot Carrier’s owner Scotline Marine Holdings also confirmed in a statement that two crew members had failed an alcohol test.

“In line with standard procedures, it is understood that all crew members of the Scot Carrier were tested for drugs and alcohol with two crew members exceeding the legal limit,”Scotline Marine Holdings disclosed, concluding the company had “a strict drugAnd alcohol policy in place” and “a zero-tolerance for any breaches that occur.”

Sweden has a strict alcohol intoxication limit of just 0.02% – significantly lower than the UK’s limit of 0.05%.



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