Drunk Irishman arrested for breaking into parliamentary palace — Analysis

A drunken Irishman was detained after looking in error for his hostel.

A man from Ireland was arrested after breaking into the Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania. He allegedly mistook it for his hostel. Following the incident, major security measures are being taken.

An Irishman rather the worse for wear has been arrested for breaking into the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, after allegedly confusing it with his hostel. Following the incident, major security measures are being taken.

At 04.00 on the morning of the 27.12.2021, the 17th Police Station received a notification from the 17th Police Station regarding a person intoxicated inside the Palace of the Parliament. They were able to confirm that the man had climbed the fence and entered the yard. After that, he broke the window and gained entry to the structure.” the Romanian gendarmerie said in a press release.

According to the police, the only damage that had occurred in the palace was the breaking of a window.

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Now, a criminal investigation is underway. Richard Commins identified the man as Richard Commins in some media outlets. He could spend up to three consecutive years behind bars.

According to the Irish edition of The Sun, the man had explained to the police that, after a party in Bucharest’s Old Town, he had mistaken the palace for his hotel and was looking for his room. The man did not recall how he got into the palace grounds, or to the third floor of one the most guarded buildings in the country.

Local media sources have pointed out some illogicalities in his explanation, saying that even an alcohol- and cocaine-intoxicated person could hardly have mixed up a parliamentary palace – the world’s second-largest administrative building after the Pentagon – with a hostel, especially given it bears no resemblance and the distance between the two is about 2km (1.2 miles).

It’s also unclear why the intruder wasn’t caught on any video surveillance cameras.

It’s a mystery how this guy managed to get in,” an investigating source told The Sun.

According to reports, security precautions in the palace’s 3,000-rooms have been reconsidered following the incident.

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