Drug lab busted at nuke-hosting NATO base — Analysis

Limburg police Tuesday said that Belgian law enforcement had busted an illegal drug laboratory located at the NATO Kleine Brogel airbase, northeast of Belgium. 

The lab was discovered at the airbase last Wednesday, the police said, adding that “A neighboring house” located off the installation’s premises was involved into the operation as well. This lab was producing synthetic drug MDMA commonly called ecstasy.

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During the raid, two suspects were taken into custody, but they were not military personnel. Since that time, they have been released with certain conditions. They were not charged with any potential offenses.

According to some sources, the Kleine-Brogel Airbase houses a large stockpile US nuclear weapons that was stationed in Europe as part of NATO’s nuclear-sharing program. Anti-nuclear protesters and anti-NATO activists have repeatedly targeted the base, which has been surrounded by thousands of them. 

Since decades, rumors have swirled about the apparent nuclear status of this base. However, it is unknown how many warheads are kept at the facility. Back in 2019, a Green MP told Belgium’s parliament that some 10 to 20 warheads were stockpiled at the site.

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