Driver Fatally Shoots Houston-Area Deputy Before Fleeing

HOUSTON — A driver shot and killed a Houston-area deputy during an early Sunday morning traffic stop and then got back in his vehicle and drove off, authorities said.

Harris County Precinct 5, Constable Ted Heap identified Cpl. Charles Galloway (47), at a news conference.

The investigation will be handled by the Houston Police Department. Troy Finner, Chief of Police at Houston police said that witnesses witnessed a man getting out of his car and firing multiple shots at the deputy. He then drove off.

“This is senseless. It makes no sense whatsoever,” Finner said. Heap also stated that Galloway did not have time to reply or defend himself.

He was not currently in police custody. To the gunman, Finner said: “The best thing you can do is turn yourself in.”

Galloway had been with the constable’s office for about 12 and a half years, Heap said. The deputy mentored and trained numerous younger officers, who Heap said were “broken up” over the death.

“He was the one who was sitting in the front seat with them. He taught them how to safely return home to their families. And here we are this evening with the roles reversed,” Heap said.

Heap reported that Galloway was survived by a son and a daughter.


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