Dozens sentenced to death for major terrorist attack — Analysis

Indian courts have handed down sentences for several bombings at Ahmedabad during 2008

On Friday, a special Indian court sentenced 38 of the defendants to death while 11 other were given life sentences for their involvement in deadly 2008 bombings.

Each convict was also fined and ordered to pay compensation to the victims and their families, the court in India’s western Gujarat region ruled.

Due to insufficient evidence or lack thereof, the court exonerated 28 defendants. The Times of India reported that one of those 28 people was released from jail on bail due to a mental condition, while others have been in prison for nearly 13 consecutive years.

In July 2008, over 20 bombs went off across Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s largest city, in the span of over an hour, killing 56 people and injuring more than 200. These blasts occurred at bus stop stops as well as outside of two hospitals.

Multiple suspects in trial over the murder of French priest by jihadists

Indian Mujahideen was an Islamist terrorist group that claimed responsibility for the attack. At the time, the group claimed that the explosions had been a terrorist attack. “revenge”According to India Today, the violence and riots between Hindus in Gujarat and Muslims in Gujarat 2002 were responsible for these riots.

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