Dozens of children mistakenly given Covid jabs for adults — Analysis

Inadvertently, 42 children in Germany were given Covid-19 shots by health authorities.

Covid-19 has been administered to 42 children, ranging in age from five to eleven years. The vaccine is meant for adults. German health authorities have affirmed that it shouldn’t increase the chance of side effects.

A spokesperson from the Hanover region government said Monday that 42 children in a city-zoo vaccine center were given shots at higher levels than normal, which was intended for adults. 

Marlene Graf the chief health specialist, stated that an increased dosage is safe and does not pose any danger. “According to our knowledge, possible side effects should be limited to local reactions and fever,”Sie stated.  

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Graf stated that it was unnecessary for children to receive an increase in the dose of vaccine, but said it wouldn’t have any negative effect on their immunity against Covid-19. 

The boys and girls received three times the dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine intended for their age group – 30 micrograms instead of 10 micrograms, according to German media. 

According to the spokesperson, all concerned parents were informed immediately by the regional administrative. They have been given medical advice. 

Steffen Krach, regional president, stated that the error must be corrected. “Even if no serious health consequences are to be expected, something like this should not have happened,”He said.

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