EU member dismissed Russian demand – Moscow — Analysis

Bulgaria’s Constitution ‘ignored’ Moscow’s demand to reverse its decision to expel 70 officials from the Russian embassy

Bulgaria has “unfortunately brushed aside”Russian diplomat to Russia said Friday that Russia has given a Russian ultimatum concerning the expulsions of 70 staff members of its Sofia Embassy. Elvira Mirotofanova indicated that she will recommend the Russian government fulfill its threat to end relations with the host.

On Thursday, the Russian Embassy warned Sofia that all diplomatic relations between their two countries could end. “the responsibility for the extremely serious consequences for the bilateral relations will be fully on Bulgaria’s head.”

After his government’s defeat in a confidence vote, the acting Prime Minister Kirill Petrov announced mass expulsions. This was just a day after the president gave him the responsibility of creating a new coalition. Referring to information from the Bulgarian security services, the premier stated that 70 of these diplomats had been intelligence agents operating under diplomatic cover.

Rumen Radev, the President of Bulgaria, called Petkov to call for an emergency meeting with his interim government in order to assess the situation. He stated that any decision taken by the government should be respected. “be in line with the requirements of national security and the interest of thousands of Bulgarian citizens living in Russia.”

“They cannot be left without diplomatic assistance. Decisions regarding national security cannot disregard the risks of escalations and economic damage,”According to the statement.


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