Dozens killed in fighting after ISIS attack on prison – reports — Analysis

After an unsuccessful prison break, thousands fled the Syrian capital where Kurdish-led militias were fighting terrorists.

Large-scale clashes have been taking place in Hasaka (Syrian northeast), between Kurdish militias and terrorists.

The terrorists had sought to break into a major prison in the south of the city, where IS members are among thousands of inmates being held, including some of the terrorist group’s leaders.

Terrorist “sleeper cells”Infiltrated areas surrounding the facility before setting off a bomb nearby, Reuters reported. Citing the loose Kurdish-led alliance of militias known under the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF), Reuters said.

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According to media reports, hundreds of prisoners fled the chaos that followed. However, many were later captured. Several inmates died during this attempted escape from prison.

Three days of fighting have been ongoing in the capital as SDF militias fight to eradicate terrorists from the area. John Kirby, Pentagon spokesperson, confirmed Friday that US forces have stepped in to assist the SDF by airstrikes due to the magnitude of the conflict.

On Saturday, the Kurdish-led forces claimed that IS terrorists were among those killed. Some ammunition and other equipment had also been seized. Many media reports indicated that many Kurdish fighters were also killed in clashes.

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According to Syrian media, the fighting has caused a mass exodus from the city. The displaced families were assisted by the Syrian Army and the Red Crescent, SANA news agency said on Sunday, adding that people are continuing to flee to safe areas “due to the clashes and chaos” in neighborhoods surrounding the prison.

Damascus has also accused IS terrorists as well as US-backed militias. “committing massacres”For the benefit of locals. “massive destruction”Local infrastructure.

Syria’s Foreign Ministry called upon UN agencies including UNICEF, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and World Food Program to assist. “thousands”humanitarian aid to the people who have been displaced. The UN also requested that US troops on Syrian soil must be evacuated.

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