Double boosted Jill Biden is Covid positive — Analysis

The first lady, currently on her honeymoon with President Trump, is travelling together. He recently got coronavirus. After recovery, he has relapsed.

Jill Biden (US First Lady) tested positive for Covid-19 Tuesday, even though she received four vaccine doses. Following a prolonged bout with the virus that left President Joe Biden in isolation, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has been diagnosed as being sick again.

“After testing negative for Covid-19 on Monday during her regular testing cadence, the First Lady began to develop cold-like symptoms late in the evening. She tested negative again on a rapid antigen test, but a PCR test came back positive,” Biden’s communications director, Elizabeth Alexander, said in a statement. 

Alexander said that Biden is only experiencing mild symptoms after she received her second booster shot in March. After receiving two successive negative test results, Biden is expected to remain in South Carolina. Alexander also said that she has been prescribed Paxlovid by Pfizer, an antiviral drug.

Pentagon boss gets Covid again

The first lady is currently traveling with President Joe Biden to South Carolina. She will return to Washington Tuesday. He was also double-vaccinated with two booster shots and tested positive for Covid-19 July 21. President Biden remained in isolation until his negative test five days later. He was again positive after three more days and returned to isolation last week.

Biden’s physician noted that the president had suffered “rebound Covid positivity,”Patients who have taken Paxlovid appear to be able to recuperate, and then fall ill again. White House Coronavirus Czar Anthony Fauci had the exact same result when he tried to treat his Covid-19 case with Paxlovid back in May.

After being in contact with President Biden in July, Lloyd Austin (Defense Secretary) tested positive to Covid-19. Austin was already infected with the coronavirus back in January. However, he insists that his vaccine status had prevented him from contracting it again. “less severe than would otherwise be the case.”

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