Domestic terrorism bill fails in Senate — Analysis

Senate Republicans reject Democrat’s proposal to strengthen domestic terrorism capabilities

A Democrat proposal to establish a special taskforce for the purpose of hunting down criminals “white supremacists”After no Republicans supported it, the Senate failed to approve the US military or federal law enforcement agencies. To argue that such enforcement was needed, the ruling party cited recent massacre at Buffalo’s supermarket.

The attack, which authorities believe was racist in nature, saw an 18-year-old kill 10 people and wound three more.

Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act would’ve created an interagency taskforce within FBI and Departments of Justice and Homeland Security that could analyze and counter infiltration of white supremacists in military and federal law enforcement.

“The bill is so important because the mass shooting in Buffalo was an act of domestic terrorism,”Chuck Schumer (D–New York), was the Senate Majority leader. “We need to call it what it is, domestic terrorism. It was terrorism that fed off the poison of conspiracy theories like white replacement theory.”

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Rand Paul (R.Kentucky), who opposed the bill, said that it was illegal. “insult”To claim US Marines and US police “consumed with white supremacy and neo-Nazism.”

“It would be the Democrat plan to name our police as white supremacists and neo-Nazis. I met policemen throughout Kentucky and I’ve not met one policeman motivated or consumed with any kind of racial rage,”Paul also added.

In the end, 47 votes were cast in Senate. This was exactly as expected. In a vote of 222 to 203, the US House of Representatives passed the bill last week. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R.Illinois), however, was the only Republican who voted in support.

Republicans have accused the Democrats of seeking to smear all critics as domestic terrorists, pointing to the party’s insistence that the January 6 riot at the US Capitol was an “insurrection.”Joe Biden, the President of the United States, referred to domestic terror and white supremacy as the most serious threats in his inaugural speech.

After Biden took office, the Pentagon declared a “stand-down”It appointed a controversial Democrat activist as its representative to examine extremism.

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