Doctor Strange 2 Characters: Who Appears in the Movie

Warning! Major spoilers are ahead Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of Madness

In the real world, there aren’t any Spider-men Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of Madness, There are two Christine Palmers and one Scarlet Witch, but four Doctor Stranges exist. When Doctor Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Peter Parker (Tom Holland) accidentally opened the multiverse in 2021’s Spider-Man has no way home, All hell broke out. Madness reigns in Doctor Strange sequel.

This Sam Raimi directed film marks the 20th anniversary of the Tobey Maguire-led Marvel Film Spider-ManThe premiere of trilogy revealed that Wanda Maximoff, played by Elizabeth Olsen, is no longer the most powerful Avengers. She’s the villainous Scarlet Witch, who is on an any means necessary mission to reunite with Billy and Tommy, the twin boys she created with her magic in the Disney+ TV series WandaVision. Doctor Strange must learn to do the dark arts so she doesn’t destroy the multiverse.

Strange meets familiar faces, both from comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in his most dark timeline journeys. Here’s a listing of notable characters who appear in Doctor Strange, in the Multiverse of Madness.

America Chavez, who are you?

She’s a teen with the ability to hop the multiverse, which is the exact power the Scarlet Witch needs to reconnect with her sons. America, played by XochitlGomez, is still learning her abilities and comes to Doctor Strange for assistance. Specifically the one living in the 616, known as the “prime universe” to comic fans, which is the most similar to our reality. He encourages her to trust her own abilities and it’s America who ends up defeating the Scarlet Witch and saving the day.

America can be seen in Kamar Taj training with the Masters of the Mystic Arts at the end of the movie, much like Doctor Strange. In the comics, she’s the first openly queer Latinx character to headline her own comic book series.

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Who are the Illuminati, and how can they be identified?

This powerful team of superheroes works together to secretly defend Earth. The United Nations of Supernatural Beings appears in the alternate universe called the 838. This is where Loki takes the powers from Santa Claus. Doctor Strange is the one who created this group in the movie. (It’s Iron Man who does so in the comics.) But after being corrupted by the Darkhold, Strange willingly gives up his leadership and his life, knowing it’s the only way to stop him from destroying the multiverse. The residents of Earth-838 don’t know about Strange’s heel turn, they believe he gave his life fighting Thanos.

What are the Marvel characters who make up the Illuminati’s Marvel cast?

Baron Karl Mordo

Strange’s nemesis and former ally of the Ancient One, who is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor becomes the Sorcerer Supreme after Strange’s execution, which earns him admission into the Illuminati. In this universe, he’s no longer interested in wiping out the Masters of the Mystical Arts, but he still holds a grudge against Stephen Strange. That parallel universe pettiness leads to Scarlet Witch’s decimation of the Illuminati.

Captain Carter

Peggy Carter (Hayley atwell) is not Captain America, but the first Avenger of this alternate universe. In the Disney+ TV Series, this was the same. What If…?. (Atwell’s Peggy has appeared in a number of Marvel movies and on two ABC shows, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Carter.) While Captain Carter might be wearing a Union Jack supersuit she still wears the shield to protect her against the Scarlet Witch. Unfortunately, Captain Carter isn’t strong enough to kill the magical villain, who ends up slicing her in half with her own signature weapon.

Captain Marvel

Lashana Lynch’s Maria Rambeau, not Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers, is the intergalactic superhero in this universe, which earns her a seat on the Illuminati board. Teyonah Paarris plays the role of Monica, a former Air Force pilot. WandaVision() is the closest person to defeating Scarlet Witch physically, but she’s too weak to stop her from executing a devastating blow.

Black Bolt

Anson Mount plays this Marvel character., may not be as well known to the casual MCU fan, but he’s the King of the Inhumans. (Mount previously portrayed the character on ABC’s short-lived Marvel’s Inhumans.His voice can unleash a tsunami that could decimate cities. It’s why he mostly uses sign language to communicate to keep from triggering a catastrophic event. His powers are used against him by the Scarlet Witch, who forcefully closes his mouth, making his head explode.

Reed Richards

John Krasinski debuts as Mr. Fantastic, the leader and brains of the Fantastic Four. Mr. Fantastic attempts to talk with Scarlet Witch, who rips him apart to death. Despite his brutal demise, it’s hard to believe this is the last time fans will see Krasinski in the role. Especially with the MCU’s upcoming plans for a Fantastic Four movie.

Professor X

Patrick Stewart’s X-Men character Charles Xavier returns, looking like he does in the ’90s cartoon with his signature yellow hoverchair. Professor X leads the Illuminati. He is also the sole one to believe that Doctor Strange is capable of changing. In order to save Wanda, he believes that the Scarlet Witch is also capable of changing. He has taken over her mind and has been able to alter it. The Scarlet Witch defeats him in telekinesis and breaks his neck during a mind meld. Although the Professor might not survive, his appearance confirms that there are X-Men in this movie.

How many Doctor Strange versions are there in the film?

Three other Doctor Stranges appear in the movie. Because they are incapable of resisting the Darkhold powers, all of them are considered evil. The 838 Strange is executed by Black Bolt for causing an “incursion” or the collapse of a whole reality while Dreamwalking, the forbidden practice of possessing the body of an alternate version of one’s self. Sinister Strange discovered a third eye as he guarded the Darkhold. He warns 616 Stephen about the serious consequences of the book for its owner. Zombie Strange died earlier in film, when he tried to kill America using her power. He’s not all bad though; the undead Strange teams up with America to defeat the Scarlet Witch.

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Who is from? Doctor Strange Returns for the sequel

Dr. Nic West

Dr. West (played by Michael Stuhlbarg) makes a brief appearance at Christine’s wedding to ask Doctor Strange whether he made the right choice in the battle against Thanos. West lost both his cats and his brother in the blip. They are his most important possessions.


Strange’s magical partner in multiversal crime, who is played by Benedict Wong, is now the Sorcerer Supreme and deserves his damn respect, which Stephen finally gives him in the final moments of the film.

Christine Palmer

Rachel McAdams has played two characters of Stephen who Stephen longs to find in each universe. In the 616 universe, she is newlywed and questions whether Strange really is happy. In the 838 universe, she’s a research fellow for the Baxter Foundation, an institute for science prodigies that appears in Fantastic Four Christine might one day join forces with Mr. Fantastic and his crew.

Is it the mysterious three-eyed Doctor Strange, who is seen at the final of the movie?

This Doctor Strange appears to still be a decent guy unlike Sinister Strange. That is at least for the moment. The former surgeon’s extra eye could mean that he has found a way to possess the Eye of Agamotto, a powerful relic he is seen wearing in the film that helps its wearer see through disguises or illusions and create portals to other dimensions. If the item is not properly secured, it can become a deadly weapon. Let’s hope those hands aren’t the three-eyed Doctor Strange’s. Multiversal, he warned him about the potentially dangerous effects of Darkhold on him.

Clea, who are you?

She’s the mysterious woman played by Charlize Theron who shows up in the mid-credits scene. This is a key role for the Dark Dimension sorceress. Doctor Strange Since her 1964 debut, she has been a comic artist. She’s been Strange’s ally, mentee, and an unconventional love interest. In this short scene, she’s his traveling companion, who has come looking for him to help her fix the incursion he caused.

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Bruce Campbell is there in the movie?

Raimi’s go-to actor since 1981’s Evil Dead was a delightful staple in the director’s Spider-Man Three minor characters appear in the trilogy: waiter, wrestler and Broadway usher. Stephen casts a very immature spell upon Pizza Poppa the street vendor. You’ll see him hitting his head repeatedly until the end.


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