Do You Need To Hire a Business Attorney?

Ideally, every business should have two professionals at any time available to assist while registering a new business or even while buying an already existing business.

These two fundamental professionals are

  1. Accountant
  2. Lawyer

1)   Accountant

It’s quite obvious, that most people know why an accountant is necessary for running a business as it helps to:

  • Set up a chart of accounts
  • Keep track and significant record the flow of money
  • Assist in auditing business with internal and external auditors
  • Set all the facts and figures periodically in easy to read structure
  • Setting up payrolls
  • Prepares business profit and losses statements as per the routine

No matter what the size of a business is, whether it’s small or large every business requires an accountant to paint a picture of the health of a company, organization, or individual.

2)   Lawyer

On the other hand, a business attorney might not be so apparent to hire or you can say generally, business owners overlook it as they feel like they can handle everything on their own and why pay money for wiser advice.

It’s a universal truth that businesses have many ups and downs regularly and one cannot deny it.

Unfortunately, issues and uncertainty can occur anytime, these issues need to be properly dealt and for this business owner should be prepared for it.

Hence, this is where business attorneys can come to the rescue.

Hiring a highly experienced business attorney will certainly provide you with peace of mind and provide value to your business.

Benefits of hiring a business attorney

Although there are numerous benefits of hiring a business attorney but below are the most common benefits which can be enough to understand the value of a lawyer.

  1. Real estate leases and agreements-Until and unless one of you is running his/her business from their home, you will need to set up a shop or office in a commercial space like a building, warehouse, or a free trading zone.

Now while purchasing this leasing space one can rest assured through the assistance of a business attorney as they bind up all the necessary paperwork and properly check the terms and conditions which can obstruct your business’s long-term growth.

  • Assist in choosing the right business structure-US Tax system is quite complicated, so for new businesses, it can be a daunting task to choose the right suitable business structure, and can end up running bankrupt while paying thousands of dollars in taxes.

Every business structure has different pros and cons, one legal entity Tax Attorney Sandy Springs can assist you in finding the best suitable business structure that can save your hard-earned money from simply giving away in paying unrightfully taxes along with setup costs.

  • Drafting Contracts- Every business has to properly workout according to the contract’s terms and conditions, whether it’s for employees, customers, or vendors one has to oblige them.

Business attorneys can assist in reviewing these contracts thoroughly and inform you if anything is missing out or can be harmful to your business.    

  • Guard your intellectual property- Every successful business have distinctive logos, business services, original works, product designs, and trade secrets, and these need to be guarded to empower your strength in the market.

While looking at the type of intellectual property as filed, business lawyers can assist you in preserving and protecting your legal right towards your intellectual property and file against any violation of conduct or copying of your intellectual property.   


Running a smooth business is very essential for long-term success, therefore looking at the lawyer’s worth and its benefits towards your business, it’s wiser to hire an experienced business lawyer that can add value and protect your business. 

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