Disney employee nabbed in child sex predator sting

There’s “always a Disney employee” involved in such operations, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said

A Disney World bus driver was arrested by Polk County police officers for trying to seduce a girl, 15 years old, for sex. In the same operation, eleven suspected child predators were also arrested. Four Disney employees were also arrested in an earlier similar operation.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office announced on Friday that the 12 suspects had been arrested during a two-week undercover operation. A total of 49 felony accusations are pending against the dozen suspects. Four were also arrested when they showed up to meet children. “sexually batter them,” the sheriff’s office said.

Zachary Hudson (a 30-year-old driver bus at Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando) was among those that were taken into custody. Hudson spoke online to an undercover detective who posed as a girl aged 15 years old. “age is just a number”And “described the things he wanted to do to her sexually,”Deputies confirm. Hudson said that he was going to be “honored” to take the girl’s virginity, and “sent her a nude picture of himself.”

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Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, 2020. © David Roark / Disney Resorts / Getty Images
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The charges against him include one count for using a two way communication device to make a crime and one count for transmitting material that is harmful to a child.

“What would an operation be — either a pornography investigation or predator operation or human trafficking operation — without a Disney employee? We always have a Disney employee,”Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said this to the local media. 

A similar operation was carried out in March to target child predators, human traffickers, and lifeguards at Disney. Four Disney employees were among them. “Four arrests of this magnitude is simply remarkable,”Judd made a comment at that time. In August last year, three Disney employees were charged with soliciting sex at officers who posed as children between 13-14.

Two of the Disney staffers, who worked at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park, were arrested when they showed up at a pre-arranged location thinking that they would have a threesome with a 13-year-old girl.

Sheriff Judd called those who were arrested “incredible deviants”And “nasty, nasty, nasty people,” telling reporters “we can’t even use the words that they used.”



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