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For many years, there have been those who can’t commit to what law really is. Always ensuring the best results for clients is an inevitable act that lawyers must do. It’s clear to see that being a lawyer, let alone a criminal defense lawyer, is one of the hardest tasks in the world. Such a career takes great valor and courage. Fighting for controversial people is never an easy movement. However, renowned lawyers like Diego Ruiz Duran have established such dominance in the industry. According to Crunchbase, Duran first started in the Escuela Libre de Derecho and then transitioned to obtaining a master’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Oxford. In addition, he studied at the University of Cambridge, University of Harvard, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  For years, he started working with Jose Luis Nassar. This man mentored Duran and encouraged him to pursue his lifelong dream of starting his own law firm. He became the founder of Bufete Ruiz Duran SC. This firm specializes as one of the most prestigious in Mexico and has many high-profile clients. He has grown the company into a Pro Bono matter and expects nothing but the best from his team. Duran has developed innovative ways in which people all around the world can use his experience. He also is a professor and instructor in Mexico City, Mexico. W9th his stellar knowledge on so many vast subjects in law, there is never a doubtful moment from any of his clients. 

As if Criminal Law was not enough for Duran, he decided to pursue Constitutional Law as well. Both consider a great deal, and it has been a benefit to Duran to expand his education. “The Constitutional is extremely exciting, especially because of the engineering in that branch that we have in Mexico, there is no strictly rigid Constitution, it is a Law that is evolving day by day, unlike other countries in which, the reality is that it is secondary legislation that is advancing”, Duran states on his Personal Website

One of the greats stages Ruiz Duran had to overcome his ability to turn away clients. When a lawyer is first starting out, it might seem silly to turn away business, however, Duran has always had such capabilities. Since he works with such high-profile people, many understand he is a successful businessman. There are figurative lines of people waiting to be Diego’s clients given his high success rate. Nevertheless, due to the nature of his work, he has the ability to say no to prospective people. Although he tried not to, given his liberty, he is allowed to maintain only the professional relationship he wants.

Recently, Duran was recorded as one of the best lawyers in Mexico. This ceremony can be viewed on his Vimeo. His deduction to his craft has not gone unnoticed by the people of Mexico. No matter who his clients are, he stands up for them and gets to the bottom of any case. His work is constantly checked over by staff to ensure accountability and success. Many lawyers look up to Duran because they know he is one of the best in the business. 

Duran once said, “Being a lawyer is not an easy career choice, but it was a passionate one. I enjoy helping people and I am proud to be successful in court. The pressure only makes my job that much more rewarding when we win a case.” Although Duran is recognized all over the world, he doesn’t feed into such praise. His professional work always stays private and he maintains the utmost sequestration boot client-related topics. With his experience, he knows the media can play out untruthful stories, which is why he is so headstrong about granting the best results for his clients. His impactful leadership has really shifted the tide in Mexico. With his speeches and courses helping younger students, it’s clear he is a stellar contributor to society. F6S has given evidence of Duran’s success and many people plan to follow in his footsteps. 


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