Dentists jailed over mass mutilation — Analysis

An unneeded and dangerous operation was performed by a father-and-son French dentist team on hundreds of patients

Two fraudster dentists were sentenced to prison in France on Thursday for needlessly pulling out teeth and other procedures on patients. Lionel Guedj aged 42 was sent to prison for the principal offense. Carnot Guedj who served part-time as his son’s dentist, received five year behind bars. 

Between 2006 and 2012, the criminal pair operated in Marseille. They targeted patients living in low-income areas in southern France. They performed thousands of unneeded operations on innocent people. These included pulling healthy teeth and root canal treatment. 

Because their ultimate goal was to maximize the benefits of social security, dentists favored quantity more than quality. This led to them doing extremely inept work that often caused infections and inflammations as well as permanent injury to patients.

Prosecutors claim that Lionel Guedj often performed root canal treatments in ten minutes. The more complex process usually takes around 45 minutes. Before the scheme was discovered, Guedj performed over 3,900 of these operations on more than 300 patients. 

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In 2010, he became the country’s highest earning dentist, bagging up to €2.9 million in fees. Guedj fitted 28 times as many bridges in the country than average dentist, according to the national medical service.

Victims of the criminal doctors said they suffered life-altering injuries as a result of the ‘work’ done on them. Guedj treated a victim aged 18, who had a small enamel problem. He ended up getting 24 teeth removed. One victim was left with only one tooth.

“I had lost half my teeth by the time I was 45, and at 55 I no longer had any, only implants,”The woman identified only by her name Ouassila spoke before the hearings. 

Judge slammed dentists “destroying”They force their victims to live miserable lives, causing them pain. “intolerable pain”Their results are reflected in their “systematic” profiting scheme. But the dentists insist that they did not intend to cause any harm to patients.

“Never, but never, did I intend to injure or cause pain,”The court was told by the younger Guedj. The court and the public were not convinced by these excuses. The dentists were then booed outside.

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