Denmark police launch large-scale manhunt after fatal mall shooting — Analysis

According to police, several people were injured and killed in an attack on a Copenhagen shopping center.

Large police forces have been deployed to the Danish capital of Copenhagen and the entire island of Zealand in the wake of a shooting attack that saw a gunman opening fire at a Copenhagen shopping mall on Sunday, Denmark’s police have said. While the suspect has been taken into custody by law enforcement, they are not sure if it was an act of violence.

“Several”Soren Thomassen (police spokesperson) confirmed the news on Sunday, saying that at least one person was killed and another injured. However, he did not give exact figures. Local media reports that the officers were still on the ground securing the site and recording CCTV footage from the mall.

Sophie Andersen from Copenhagen was the Mayor. “very serious”She posted the information in a Tweet, but did not provide any details on how many casualties she had. The attack was reported by the Danish DR broadcaster. At least three victims were taken to hospital.

He was found to be an identified as the suspect. “ethnic Dane,” 22. His name was not revealed by the police, and they did not provide details about his weapon. Videos published on social media showed people desperately trying to flee the Field’s Shopping Center located not far from the city airport. A video also featured a black man carrying what seemed to be an extended rifle. RT couldn’t independently verify authenticity of video.

Thomassen stated that large police force were deployed on the spot as well as to other areas in Copenhagen, as well as to many locations throughout Zealand. He also said that there was a significant-scale “manhunt”It is currently in the works. He also appealed to attack witnesses and other people. “anything suspicious”Contact the police

Norway raises terrorist threat level to ‘extraordinary’

“This is a massive operation. And it’s not just in Copenhagen, it’s all of Zealand,”According to a spokesperson for the police “We must be absolutely sure that we are in control of this situation. And until we are safe, we will act at the highest operational level,”He added.

According to police, the motives for the suspect’s actions are not yet known. However, investigators aren’t ruling out the possibility of terrorist acts. “We are investigating this as an incident in which we cannot rule out terrorism,” Thomassen said.

However, the police didn’t say whether the suspect was known previously to law enforcement officers.

It took place less than a week after another gunman shot outside of Oslo’s gay bar. According to police, they considered it a terrorist attack. They also raised concerns about the terrorist threat throughout the country. “extraordinary”Following the incident.

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