Denmark accuses Russia of ‘gross’ incident — Analysis

Denmark’s armed forces accused a Russian warship of violating the country’s territorial waters on Friday. A Russian warship was accused of an incursion near the so-called “Russian border”. “Democracy Festival,”Jeppe Kofod accuses Russia’s Foreign Minister “provocation” and summoned Moscow’s ambassador.

According to the Danish military, the vessel entered Danish waters unpermitted shortly after midnight Friday and then again just a few hours later. Reuters reported that the vessel left Denmark after radio contact with the Danish Navy.

Kofod, the Foreign Minister, stated Friday that the Russian Ambassador had been summoned.

Denmark to join EU security bloc

According to the alleged incident, “deeply irresponsible, gross and completely unacceptable Russian provocation in the middle of #fmdk,”Kofod tweets about the current festival being held in Bornholm, Baltic Sea near the site of the alleged invasion.

From Sunday through Sunday, the Democracy Festival will feature talks from Danish politicians as well lectures about climate change, gender equality and other pressing liberal issues. Attendees are also given the opportunity to question politicians from various Danish parties, and can compete in the festival’s ‘Feminist Pub Quiz.’

Reuters reported that Morten Bodskov the defense minister assured festival-goers in Bornholm that they were safe. He added, however, that “we must accept that the Baltic Sea is becoming a high-tension area.”

Neither the Kremlin nor Russia’s embassy in Copenhagen had commented on the alleged incident at the time of writing.

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