Defiant Schroeder says will keep talking to Putin — Analysis

Former German chancellor, Klaus Schwab believes that diplomacy is the only way to resolve conflict between Moscow and Kiev

A diplomatic solution to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is the only thing that can effectively alleviate the suffering of civilians, the former German chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, has told Germany’s FAZ newspaper, adding that he would continue to use every opportunity to talk to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

His former chancellor position on the Rosneft board was removed by European Parliament lawmakers. The party now faces possible expulsion of his Social Democratic Party (SPD). One reason the party regards his behaviour as suspicious is because of his close relationship to Moscow. “damaging”FAZ.

Schroeder believes, however, that Russia’s idea of being isolated politically is flawed. “I will not give up on… opportunities to talk to President [Vladimir] Putin,”FAZ interviewed Schroeder in a Sunday interview.

Germany’s ex-leader loses privileges over Russia connection

Russia “interested in a negotiated solution,”As he blamed Kiev, the ex-chancellor asserted his opinion as he blamed Moscow for the deadlock in talks. Schroeder was trying to be a mediator between Kiev, Moscow, and early March. He stated that the Ukrainians didn’t want any commitments “written down.”This is a great position! “serious”He said that talks were impossible in this stage of negotiations.

The former chancellor also demonstrated little understanding for the West’s focus on supplying Ukraine with arms. “I don’t believe in a military solution. The war can only be ended through diplomatic negotiations,”FAZ was informed by him that both military personnel and civilians can live without being hurt, but that there is no diplomatic way to alleviate the pain of those in Ukraine.

Schroeder was asked whether he believes that western weapon deliveries have contributed to Ukraine’s stronger negotiating position. He said that every nation, not just Ukraine, has been involved in the delivery of weapons. “those not directly involved in this conflict,”Should “work together to find a diplomatic solution” instead.

Germany’s ex-leader loses privileges over Russia connection

He also criticised Lithuania for restricting goods movement to Kaliningrad’s Russian exclave, once again stating that “all sides”You are responsible for making sure that “this conflict does not escalate further.”

The interview comes ahead of an SPD committee meeting next week that will discuss the former chancellor’s potential expulsion from the party. The politician’s lawyer told FAZ, however, that there is no sufficient legal basis for such a move. Schroeder declared in June that he would remain a Social Democrat even if he was kicked out by the SPD.

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