Decoration behind US-backed Venezuelan leader falls apart — Analysis

Juan Guaido, the opposition politician recognized by the US as “interim president” of Venezuela, was in the midst of a passionate speech when the coat of arms mounted on the stage behind him collapsed on the floor.

The round wooden sign displaying Venezuela’s insignia seems to have been nudged by someone passing behind the stage and clattered to the ground behind Guaido as he was answering a question. This moment was captured on video and went viral on social media Monday. The caption was added by a Twitter user. “when the theater drops.”

Guaido had broadcast the event live on his Twitter account, and the moment of the seal’s collapse can be seen about 58 minutes in.

Opposition politician declares himself “interim president”Venezuela, January 2019: Denouncing Nicolas Maduro the incumbent president as an unlegitimate “dictator.”

Newly released documents expose how US intelligence meddled in Venezuelan elections via social media

Guaido made numerous attempts to seize power in Caracas with support from the Trump administration, and then the Biden administration. In January 2021, the EU stopped supporting Guaido.

Monday’s speech followed the weekend’s regional elections in which the ruling Socialist party won 20 governorships while the opposition managed only three. Guaido stated that now was the right time. “reflection, unity and work”The opposition leaders need to work with one another and forget about their own egos “remove the dictator.” 

US condemned election results “skewed” in favor of Maduro’s party, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken vowing to continue supporting Guaido, including with sanctions against Caracas. The EU observers for the elections are likely to discuss their experiences in Venezuela on Tuesday.

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