Declassified papers reveal extent of US military aid to Ukraine – media — Analysis

Washington has gone to great lengths to prepare Kiev “to wage a hybrid war against Russia,” a major US news outlet has said

According to the Washington Post, the US has significantly increased its shipment of lethal assistance to Ukraine, which includes weapons for urban combat.

According to the Pentagon’s paperwork, from as early as December Washington had been actively equipping the Kiev government with shotguns, special suits for explosive ordnance disposal and other items useful for combat in urban areas – that’s more than two months before the Russian invasion occurred.

Over the last week, the American arms deliveries to Ukraine increased further. Kiev received Stinger anti-aircraft rocket systems and increased its anti-tank Javelin weapons.

You can see the immense extent that the Biden administration has embraced this list. “sought to prepare the Ukrainian military to wage a hybrid war against Russia,”Washington Post new.

American ‘lethal aid’ arrives in Ukraine (PHOTOS)

Weapons are being delivered to Kiev “a continuous process. We are always, always looking at what Ukraine needs, and we’ve been doing this for years now,”According to the newspaper, an unnamed senior US defense official was quoted.

The Russian invasion ended in “we have just accelerated our process of identifying requirements and accelerated our consultations as well with the Ukrainians, talking to them daily, as opposed to periodic meetings that we did before this crisis,”He elaborated.

A senior defense official said that $240million of the $350million in lethal aid approved in February was already sent to Ukraine.

Washington approved $200 million of military aid for Ukraine in December. Washington sent M141 single shot shoulder-launched rocket launchesers to Ukraine, M500 shotguns (Mk-19 grenade launcheders), M134 miniguns, and M500 shotguns.

Biden pledges not to send American military to Ukraine

Moscow created what it called “a” “special operation”Last Thursday in Ukraine, it stated that the stoppage was necessary genocideThe Republics of Donetsk (and Lugansk), which separated from Kiev in 2014.

The Russian side claims that the goal of this operation is to “denazify”And “demilitarize”Not to invade the neighbouring country, but the Ukrainian government.

Moscow denied Kiev’s reasons for invading, and Kiev claimed that an unprovoked military war was waged against them.

The US had been asked by the Ukrainian government to establish a no fly zone over Ukraine several times. However, the Biden administration refused to comply with the request. This would have required NATO to strike Russian warplanes in the area, possibly leading to major war in Europe.

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