Deadly bow-and-arrow attack in Norway likely linked to mental illness, suspect kept in psychiatric institution – police — RT World News

According to police, mental illness is still the major reason for the fatal bow-and arrow attack in Norway. Although the suspect is now being held in a psychiatric facility, police haven’t ruled out other motives such as terrorism.

“We work with several hypotheses. They are weakened and strengthened during the investigation,”Per Thomas Omholt was the police inspector during a Friday press conference. “We will find out what has happened, and why it has happened.”

One hypothesis that was strengthened in the early days of this investigation is the one that is based on illness.

Investigators also investigate other motives. “anger, revenge, impulse, jihad,”According to the official, Espen Andersen Brattathen, 37, was identified as the suspect. He has already been charged with five counts for murder. More charges will be filed against him soon. also available
A Muslim convert was charged in the killing of five people by bow-andarrow fire attack in Norway. The prosecutor has sent him for assessment.

His care is provided by a “psychiatric institution”Omholt stated that the investigation was ongoing. Braathen acknowledged the deaths of the victims and refused to plead guilt.

The police stated that Braathen had converted to Islam and had displayed signs of radicalization. They also suggested there might have been a terrorist motive. Omholt reported that he has not been charged with terrorism and more investigation is required to confirm whether this rampage was terrorist.

A suspect used bow and arrow to attack people and force his way into their homes in Kongsberg, a southern city. During the attack, four women, one man, aged 50-70, died. Three others were also injured, including an off duty police officer. also available
Norway: The attacker with the bow and arrow who shot five people to death in Norway had recently converted to Islam. There were concerns that police might have seen signs of radicalization.

In an effort to not influence witnesses still being interrogated, the police withheld further information about the rampage and did not present details to the public.

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