Dam collapses prompting urgent evacuation — Analysis

The northeastern region of Brazil was hit by a dam failure, causing evacuations. Local officials sought urgent assistance to manage the flood waters.

Attention! Attention!,” the town hall of the agricultural municipality in southern Bahia announced on Instagram on Saturday evening.

The Verruga River was also urged to be evacuated immediately.
The alert concludes with “SOS Itambe.”

Fast two months of intense storms left nearly 4,000 people homeless and 17 others dead at the Igua dam in Vitoria da Consusta.

According to the state’s governor, Rui Costa, the water rose by one to two meters, and in some places, even three.

Intense deluge forces evacuations in France (VIDEOS)

Vitoria da Conquista Mayor Sheila Lemos declared a state emergency due to the deteriorating circumstances and requested urgent assistance from federal and state authorities as well as members of Parliament representing Bahia at the National Congress.

The minister of regional development, Rogério Marinho, announced on Sunday that Civil Defense and Ministry of Health teams were on the way to Bahia to help the affected population.

Bahia is still in unstable conditions and will see more rain.

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