Creative Confidence in the Business World

Creativity is one of the desired traits in leadership and the world of business today. It is the most important element of achievement in any field generally, and while creativity can be tutored, it can also be rediscovered. To unleash creative confidence, one has to conquer the distress that has hindered creativity in the previous years. There can be fears restraining one from creative confidence like distress of the unknown, being judged, taking the first step, or losing balance. As much as there is the mentality that it is not to get over deep-rooted fears, it is one of the things that are not impossible to reach. Those willing to make their life better and be successful in their businesses should be able to claim creativity and grow it bigger. Creative confidence takes months of practice and even years to be comfortable with any obstacle; hence nothing can be attained in a day. Entrepreneur Shalom Lamm believes that a successful business person must be innovative and adapt to new things in their business.

When the originator of Medera Healthcare, Mr. Paresh Saha, began his business journey of venturing into the healthcare field in his 40’s, he didn’t have previous experience and technical expertise in healthcare. The confidence and vision he had enabled him to get the prowess to maneuver to the unknown roads and achieve a lot, that his enterprise got ranked first as an emerging MSME in a competition planned by Ne8X. Creative confidence is not only an inborn talent; there is a bigger process of acquiring creative breakthroughs and finding insights.

Creative thinking and confidence start with having empathy for clients, which one can’t acquire while sitting behind a desk in the office. The world is chaotic and makes one deal with uncertainty, irrational people, and unexpected findings. But fortunately, that is where to get insights and creative confidence. Venturing to pursue learning can open one to new information and help discover the not-obvious needs even without hypothesis. Otherwise, there is a risk of reconfirming ideas already had or waiting for competitors or customers to tell one what to do.

Confidence does not mean believing one’s ideas are good. It means having the humility to let go of ideas that are not working and accepting good ones from other people. Abandoning the status quo and working in collaboration helps in sacrificing control over one’s team, products, and business. When facing a tough challenge, allowing the most junior person to lead and set a schedule and calling a meeting with people new to the topic helps a lot take a business to the next level.

Even while embracing creative ideas, acting on them has its challenges. Creative efforts are not easy at the beginning. The businessperson faces the first day of a brand new project, and the writer has to face an empty page. Generally, there is the fear of charting new ways and breaking out of the predictable workflow. To get over this inertia, stop planning and get started already by not focusing on the large overall task but finding a small part to tackle right. Shalom Lamm said creating and coming up with new ideas is the demand of time. People should have confidence in their creativity and never be afraid to get out of their comfort zone.


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