Covid swindler takes $358,000, evades justice

A Japanese man fled with his entire town’s relief money

After stealing $358,000 worth of Covid Relief money from all households of Abu in Yamaguchi Prefecture, a 24-year-old Japanese citizen has vanished. The entire sum was wired to him due to a clerical mistake by the town’s authorities, local outlet Japan Today reported on Monday.

To distribute the funds to its 463 households, the Japanese city received money last month. This man was not the only one eligible for funds.

However, local authorities provided details about the intended recipients along with a transfer request to a bank. The man’s account details were at the top of the list, and the bank mistakenly thought this was a proxy to which all of the money was to be transferred before being distributed to the beneficiaries’ accounts, local media reported.

Abu Hideaki Nakamura, the mayor of Abu Hideaki Nakamura, apologized and tried to reach the man for his money. The man realized that he had won the lottery on April 8. For around two weeks, the man began taking small sums from his bank account every day to keep himself safe.

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The victim of this error didn’t contact authorities until April 21st, when Covid the swindler admitted that he had received the money. Officials were informed by him that the entire sum had been lost and cannot be returned. However, he promised that he wouldn’t flee to justice. “I will pay for my crime,”He said.

Since the money was voluntarily transferred to the man, it was thought that he couldn’t be accused of any crime. It wasn’t until May 12, however, that the town decided to file charges and request the money back.

However, the suspect had violated his promise. He was fired from his job and had emptied his account. Then he disappeared. Some analysts blame the Japanese government. “The officials gave him enough time to make his escape. That’s for sure,” said one of the Japan Today’s readers.



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