Covid rule breakers publicly shamed in China (VIDEO) — Analysis

Paraded along streets were four people who assisted migrants to cross the Vietnam border.

Authorities in China’s Guangxi region have publicly shamed four people accused of violating rules on Covid-19 by aiding migrants crossing the closed border from Vietnam, according to state news.

The state-run news media said Wednesday that Covid-19 rule violators had been publicly shamed by four of their accusers. Four suspects were dressed in hazmat suits and paraded through Guangxi’s Jingxi City in front of large numbers.

Authorities in Hazmat suits and riot police were present, as well as placards bearing the names and photographs of the suspects. The four men were each held by two officers. 

They were accused of transporting illegal immigrants from Vietnam to be punished. China has taken strict measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 among neighboring nations.

Jingxi can be found near Vietnam’s Chinese border.

According to a regional news station, the parade offered a chance for a good cause. “real-life warning”To the public: “deterred border-related crimes.”

This move was however criticized elsewhere. Beijing News, affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party, stated Wednesday that public shame is too extreme despite pressures on the border town to implement appropriate Covid-19 preventive measures.

“The measure seriously violates the spirit of the rule of law and cannot be allowed to happen again,”It was as follows:

Since 2010, the public shame of Chinese criminal suspects has been banned. The practice has reportedly resurfaced in recent months as local governments struggle to enforce Beijing’s zero-Covid policy.

Similar scenes were filmed in November and in August, when armed police escorted a suspect through the street to a children’s playground.

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