Covid rates take Germany to ‘nationwide state of emergency’ — Analysis

Acting health minister Jens Spahn stated that Germany is in a “nationwide emergency” due to its high levels of Covid infection. He refused to exclude the possibility of further lockdowns.

Germany sets ‘grim’ Covid record & eyes new curbs

This is a serious situation, and the dynamics are unbrokenSpahn said this at a Friday press conference.

Within four weeks, it has increased fivefold. The death rate is at an alarmingly high level. There is a national emergency.”

Spahn did not rule out another lockdown and said, in such dire health conditions “…”It’s impossible to rule out anything“.

Lothar Wieler (RKI) was the head of Robert Koch Institute. He added his grimminess by saying, “All of Germany is one large outbreak,” with an estimated half a million active Covid cases in the country – and numbers rising. According to the RKI, there have been more than 50,000 Covid cases in Germany for the third consecutive day. The death toll from the pandemic in Germany is now at 98.700.

Wieler said that the spread of the disease should not be allowed to continue in hospitals, which are already overcrowded. He suggested that in addition to the obvious precautions of wearing masks and vaccination, bars with poor ventilation be closed.

The Bundestag passed new regulations to combat coronavirus on Thursday. These measures include the need for proof of vaccination, negative testing or recovery, and the requirement that employees prove their status before they can use communal spaces or public transport. Before they are effective, the measures must be approved by the Oberhaus.

On Friday, neighboring Austria declared that it will be in full lockdown starting Monday 22 November.

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