Covid protests continue to rock 1st country in Western Europe to reimpose partial lockdown — Analysis

The Hague saw violent demonstrations against the renewed Covid-19 ban. This unrest follows a day in which several protestors were hurt by police gunfire in Rotterdam.

After fierce clashes between law enforcement officers and protestors in Hague (the seat of the International Court of Justice) on Saturday, seven people were taken into custody.

One video posted on social media shows demonstrators lighting firecrackers which ignite multiple fires and causing the skies to glow an unearthly red.

Another clip shows a group protestors removing a traffic cone fitted with surveillance cameras.

Five officers from the Dutch police were reported to have been injured during the confrontation with the rioters. One officer received a concussion, a knee injury, and was transported to hospital. Two other officers were also taken to hospital. “suffered hearing damage,”While two others suffered serious injuries to the hands,

Lockdown protest described as ‘orgy of violence’

The chaotic scenes in the Netherlands’ third-largest city unfolded a day after a protest against reimposed Covid-19 restrictions in Rotterdam was marred by violence. Rotterdam was home to over 50 people. Three were also injured by police who opened fire on the protestors. Later, police claimed the officers had been shot. “compelled to shoot at targets”To protect their lives. They are currently being treated in hospital.

Following the Netherlands’ first partial lockdown in Western Europe since last summer, protests broke out in a few Dutch cities. Tensions soared further after the government banned New Year’s Eve fireworks displays and the Dutch parliament backed the introduction of the so-called 2G system, which would bar unvaccinated and those who have not recently recovered from the virus from a long list of public places if introduced.

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