Covid-19 vaccine approved for toddlers after recovery — Analysis

Cuba issued an emergency authorization to allow its Soberana vaccine made locally to be used in children as young as two years old who have had coronavirus.

CECMED’s medical agency, CECMED, announced that the shots will be administered at least two months following recovery from Covid-19 to children and convalescents in all age groups.

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Babies hospitalized after getting Covid-19 vaccine

The regulator stated that the decision was made based upon early clinical results with Soberana Plus in children who had recovered.

They prove that “the administration of a single dose is safe”And holds “potential benefits” for protection against reinfection.

Soberana Plus has been developed by the country’s Finlay Institute as a third booster shot for its two-dose Soberana 02 and Cuba’s other vaccine, Abdala.

Cuban officials stated that the booster had shown efficacy of 91.2% when used in conjunction with Soberana 02 and 92.28% among those who have received two Abdala doses previously.

The nation of the islands has been injecting babies with Soberana 02/Abdala from September.

Because of the decades-old US sanctions that have been in place, this communist country has successfully vaccinated over 9.2 million citizens. The fourth dose was delivered earlier in the week.



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