Cost of living pushing UK women into prostitution – activists — Analysis

Advocates warned that many women who are already working in this industry find themselves incapable of turning away potentially dangerous clients.

Sky News was warned by outreach workers on Saturday about the increasing cost of living in Britain. Some women are forced to work as sex workers, while others have to be more discreet and meet people on the street. 

Sky reported that the English Collective of Prostitutes (London-based) saw its walls increase by three times this summer. It advises female sex workers how to keep safe and stay out of trouble.

Niki Adams, spokesperson for the organization said women are more likely to become prostitutes due to rising energy and food costs.

“Across the board what we’re seeing is people coming to that work from a place of desperation,” Adams said. “That means they are much less able to protect themselves from violence and exploitation.”

One woman Adams works with found herself losing hundreds of pounds when the UK’s benefits program moved to the Universal Credit system – an ongoing process that the government admits will make 900,000 welfare recipients worse off by the time the switchover is completed 

“She began working on the streets for a couple of nights per week – enough to pay every bill.”Adams added that Adams was a mother of four young children so she had to get outside. 

Beyond The Streets charity, which helps women quit prostitution, has seen an increase of women selling as a result of UK inflation exceeding 10%. “survival sex.”

We call it this because that’s all these women have left to make it work. This is done in order to provide basic necessities, such as food and rent.Sky was told by Nikki McNeill (support worker) 

Adams stated that many of the people selling sex work for agencies which force women to work in dangerous conditions. 

“Some of the women are expected to provide sex without protection,”She said.“Clients realize they’re in a situation where they can say no so certain premises are forcing women to accept those conditions.”

McNeill said that her organisation is lobbying the government to increase benefits beyond the £1,200 ($1,491) in direct payments to low income households and £400 ($473) in energy payments to vulnerable people that the government has already promised. Sky was told by a spokesperson for the government that they were unable to confirm this statement. “recognizes people are struggling with rising prices.”


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