Cop-attacking wild boars euthanized after hunt — Analysis

A pack of wild boars were rounded up and euthanized after one of the animals attacked a police officer in the streets of Hong Kong – the opening shot in a pitched battle between the feral hogs and the city’s law enforcement.

According to the statement of Hong Kong’s Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, seven wild animals were taken into custody by a group of vets. The veterinarians then executed the killing process using dart guns.

One of the pigs that attacked a cop last week was taken into custody. It is an example of the new city policy regarding animals, which states: “Stop them attacking again.”

An aggressive boar attacked a police officer, biting his leg as they fought in a residential parking lot. The pig won the fight after it fell from the building and was thrown to the ground. According to reports, wild boars “are” a problem.Useful“to wander back-and-forth along the roads, beg for food from motorists and pedestrians alike. The city previously managed the population by seizing and then moving them to another location.Remote areasAccording to the department:

Carrie Lam, the CEO of Hong Kong, promised to raise penalties for citizens who feed boars. The animals are reportedly responsible for around 30 recent attacks. Although residents have been warned to not feed the boars to stop disease or population growth, some people still love the animals. Still, Lam insisted “It is not possible to just watch as things get worse..”

Animal rights organizations responded to the policy with protest letters. They pointed out that many visitors don’t feed the boars, and suggested resources be used instead of blame for all human activities. The boars should be killed and captured.Their right to live is ignored and their existence in cities considered a capital offense“The letter was read.

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