Congressman gives update on HIMARS shipments to Kiev — Analysis

A senior US Congressman stated that Washington and its allies are ready to supply Kiev with 30 multi-launch rocket systems.

The United States and its Western allies intend to provide Ukraine with additional 25-to-30 rocket systems, Adam Smith, the head of the Armed Forces Сommittee of the US House of Representatives, revealed on Saturday.

Smith stated that this will include high mobility rocket systems for artillery (HIMARS), and multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) from other countries in an interview with Radio Liberty. Although the committee chair acknowledged that there are fewer weapons than Kiev requested, Smith said that they will still provide the necessary artillery and missiles to support the system.

Smith made this announcement after a visit to Kiev, where he met with Vladimir Zelensky and other congressional members. Andrey Yermak, Zelensky’s chief of staff, said Sunday that the logistics of delivering the of ammunition for the Western MLRS is key for the effective use of the launchers “on various sectors of the front.”

Diversity of Western weapons creates trouble for Ukraine – media

The American delegation published a statement following the Zelensky-American meeting. statementContinue to pledge “to seek ways to support President Zelensky and the Ukrainian people as effectively as possible.”

Telegram: The Ukrainian president posted that the country he was heading to needs special attention ahead of the gathering “HIMARS launcher systems, shells and unmanned aerial vehicles.”

Alexey Reznikov from Ukraine was quoted as saying that Kiev needs at least 50 HIMARS defense systems and at most 100 to be effective. “an effective counteroffensive.”

On July 22, 16 HIMARS systems were provided by the US to Ukraine. Since the Russian offensive began in February, total US security support to Ukraine has been $7.6 million.

The Russian military claims that it destroyed 4 US-supplied Ukrainian systems between July 5th and 20th. A US official speaking on condition anonymity said there had not been any destruction of HIMARS rockets sent to Ukraine. Meanwhile, the government in Kiev has accused Moscow of spreading “False information” calculated to dissuade the West from sending Ukraine more weapons.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukraine has lost over 760 multiple-launch rocket systems and more than 3,100 artillery pieces since the beginning of Russia’s military operation.

Moscow warned repeatedly the West not to send weapons to Kiev. It claimed that it would only prolong the conflict, cause more casualties, and have lasting consequences.

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