Cole Morgan – An Exclusive Interview

Cole Morgan – An Exclusive Interview 

Most of us know the following entrepreneurial ‘buzzwords’ – online marketing, social media, influencers, followers, products, services, brand affiliates, paid sponsorships, and e-commerce. These words encompass the necessary tools, skills, or qualities to have in the present times to grow an online business and be successful. Beyond this, age does not matter either, and opportunities are widely available for anyone with a keen interest to create something authentic to them or to help others build and market what they have created. 


Cole Morgan (20), born in the United States, is just one example of a young man who has made a name for himself, or a few names, on Instagram. He boasts over 7 Instagram pages, totalling to over 1.4 million followers collectively, and earning in the thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder why Cole is worth mentioning, for any aspiring entrepreneur out there, especially young aspiring entrepreneurs, the following interview with Cole could be just the inspiration needed to get started on that idea or business.  

Cole Morgan – The Insider Scoop

1.    How did you start on your entrepreneurial journey, and what really ‘hit home’ for you regarding capitalizing on Instagram? 


‘My personal instagram grew to around 40k followers in 8th grade. After selling the page to one of my friends, I realized how much money social media marketing could make, and it’s been my job ever since’


2.    How did you gain so many followers, and do you have any advice for others who want to do the same on their Instagram, or any social media, account?


‘Networking. Finding people with pages around my size to do mutually beneficial business with’.



3.    There are thousands of people who are aspiring social media marketers, and it can be confusing to get started, do you have any insights for people who want to become social media marketers?


‘DO NOT look at how other people have found success and try to copy their steps. Finding your own way to do things is much more effective than using old and recycled methods, and will usually get you a lot further, faster. Also investing in yourself is a very good idea if you know what you’re trying to offer holds value. Other people will see that and gravitate towards it’.


4.    Can you share a little bit more about how you started to earn money on social media?

‘Brands and other pages trying to grow started reaching out to me for paid promotion at around 70k followers, I also started working with a few companies doing affiliate marketing’.


5.    You would like to provide an insider scoop on new trends in e-commerce, social media marketing, and growth on Instagram, can you share any plans on how you would like to do this moving forward? 


‘Interviews like this. As long as Instagram is still making changes to its app, my friends and I will continue to find the newest and most efficient methods of growing/advertising on the platform’. 


6.    Are there any personal or professional achievements that you would like to share with your readers? 

‘I made $30k my first 4 months of running @sluringz, and I made my own clothing company freshman year of high school’.


7.    Beyond your professional success, are there any causes you are a part of or passionate to speak up about? 


‘In my sophomore year of high school, I lost my mom to addiction. And around a month ago I lost my grandmother (whom I lived with my entire life) to liver cancer. My dad is not a part of my life, and I lost my grandpa in 7th grade, so cancer and addiction are two things I’ll gladly speak out about until the day I die, considering they took the only family I had left away from me’. 


8.    Lastly, is there anything personal you would like to share about yourself? 

‘I used to jump rope and placed 11th at Nationals my first year of jumping and I used to dance and my team auditioned for AGT and made it to Las Vegas’.



The digital marketing and ecommerce landscapes are dynamic indeed with a lot of scope for smart entrepreneurs. Multi passionate and multi-talented, Cole Morgan continues to make an impression on the world, he shows that anything is possible whether it’s online or ‘offline’.  


Alex is the co-author of 100 Greatest Plays, 100 Greatest Cricketers, 100 Greatest Films and 100 Greatest Moments. He has written for a wide variety of publications including The Observer, The Sunday Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and The Telegraph.

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