CNN staffer denies child sex charges — Analysis

CNN producer John Griffin has pleaded guilty to child sex traficking charges. He is accused of inviting children into his home to engage in illegal sexual activities.

Griffin, 44 years old, pleaded guilty Wednesday to the three charges of child sex traficking. Attorney Michael Drescher stated that Griffin was too dangerous to release.

Drescher claimed that Griffin had “dishonestly tried to talk his way out of being held accountable”All rights reserved “tried to buy his way out of trouble”He said: “There is no set of conditions that can assure the court of his continued appearance or address the danger he presents if released.”

Fox News reports that “Griffin entered the Burlington courtroom in an orange jumpsuit”And “was shackled from behind as two marshals led him inside and sat him beside his lawyer.”It took approximately 15 minutes for the arraignment to take place.

CNN producer charged with shocking underage sex crimes

Griffin worked alongside CNN host Chris Cuomo, who was fired from the network this month for aiding his brother’s defense against sexual misconduct allegations. Cuomo, who was fired from CNN this month for helping his brother defend sexual misconduct allegations, was also accused.

Griffin persuaded several parents, according to the US Justice Department “to allow him to train their daughters to be sexually submissive.”

Griffin is accused of paying $3,000 to fly nine-year old girl with her mother from Nevada back to Boston. This was before he began to get engaged. “unlawful sexual activity”The girl is now living with him in his home.

The CNN producer – who was suspended pending an investigation following news of his arrest – could face life in prison if found guilty of the charges.

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