Climate protesters paralyze Sydney — Analysis

Sydney was disrupted by dozens of anti-climate change protesters Monday morning. Despite multiple arrests, the ‘Blockade Australia’ group vowed to continue their action throughout the entire week.

Police confirmed that one woman was taken into custody after she tied herself to her car’s steering wheel and blocked Sydney Harbour Tunnel. Police said that at least ten additional people were arrested as protesters marched through Sydney.

An unidentified motorist tried to drive through the blockade at one time. When the activists intervened, the activist jumped in front. Unknown if any of the victims sustained injuries.

Blockade Australia, which has repeatedly accused Australia in the past of being a terrorist organization, organized the protest. “driving the climate crisis,”And they promised to keep their promise“Week against climate destruction” 

This same group also occupied Port Botany in March, which was one of Australia’s most important deep-water seaports.

The New South Wales government responded by passing a new law that imposes fines up to $22,000 as well as up to 2 years imprisonment for those who block critical infrastructure including major roads. Authorities promised that harsh penalties won’t target “legitimate”Community rallies are great, but they’re not enough. “anarchist protesters”They could cause major disruptions.

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