Civil servants taught banned ‘diversity’ training – Telegraph — Analysis

Some 170,000 UK public officials completed a taxpayer-funded ‘unconscious bias’ course, the paper reported

British bureaucrats have continued to attend publicly-funded ‘unconscious bias’ courses despite the government banning the controversial diversity training program in December 2020, according to The Telegraph. Whitehall accuses public servants to trying to “subvert and sabotage”The paper reports ministerial orders.

Citing “leaked” materials, the paper revealed that some 170,000 public servants have completed the course at a cost of £370,000 ($501,892) to the taxpayer. The training – which is billed as a way to address hidden prejudices – is apparently part of a “required learning”Course about “inclusion”The Civil Service Learning Online Portal.

The Telegraph reports that officials “must”Learn about the four module components by completing these modules. “stereotyping and unconscious bias can influence thinking and the impact this can have on work relationships and decisions.”This course teaches civil servants the value of being “mindful and aware”You need to be aware of your biases. “manage” them – so as to “build a diverse workforce.”

Over 120 UK-based charities that paid for ‘implicit bias’ courses just ‘tip of the iceberg’ in lucrative woke industry – media

Religion and ethics is one of four subjects covered. According to reports, the workplace scenario involves a role-play situation in which a Christmas tree will be removed because it is causing offence to non-Christians. According to the newspaper, this lesson encourages officials not to make assumptions about religious practices.

In 2014, the training became a requirement for all employees. However, it was insisted upon. “phased out”Julia Lopez (then-Parliamentary Secretary for the Cabinet Office), after a review by government, warned that it could be implemented in 2020 “backfiring effects”Efficacy is questionable

The government acknowledged that the unconscious bias training was still being offered on Saturday, but an unnamed Whitehall source told The Telegraph that this had been confirmed by them. “deeply disturbing”To see the full story, click here “Civil Service diversity industry” operated. According to him, civil servants had felt that they could not be monitored by ministers because there was no oversight. “subvert and sabotage a commitment a Cabinet Office minister made to Parliament.”

The UK government has dropped mandatory unconscious bias training because experts claim it causes people to be MORE prejudiced

Reports indicate that lawmakers will demand the closure of the Cabinet Office. “this costly and undesirable kind of indoctrination.”You can compare it to “Fawlty Towers meets Whitehall,”John Hayes Tory MP stated to the newspaper that “sinister”The training was an important part of the job. “corrosive and corrupting effect.”

Unnamed officials from the government said it was “in the process of updating all our diversity and inclusion offerings”That was maintained. “standalone mandatory unconscious bias training”In December 2020, it was taken out.

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