CIA-backed secret experiments conducted on hundreds of Danish orphans – documentary — Analysis

New documentary accuses the US intelligence agency, in new allegations, of funding experiments on hundreds of Scandinavian children.

A newly published documentary claims that the Central Intelligence Agency was behind secret research into schizophrenia in 311 Danish children. Many of these were either adopted from orphanages.

Danish Radio’s documentary ‘The Search for Myself’ accuses the US spy agency of supporting the experiments at the Municipal Hospital in Cophenhagen. According to reports, the studies investigated the relationship between schizophrenia and environment.

Per Wennick claims that as a child he participated in these experiments. He claimed to have been placed in a chair with electrodes attached to his head and made to hear loud, repetitive noises. It was supposed to determine if the child had psychoopathic characteristics.

“It was very uncomfortable. And it’s not just my story, it’s the story of many children,”Wennick described his experiences.

It is infringing on my rights to be a citizen of this country. This is so bizarre to me.

According to Wennick, the National Archives, the project was funded by a US healthcare service. It also received support from the Human Ecology Fund.

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The children weren’t told the purpose of the experiments during and after research. However, Find Schulsinger, a Danish psychiatrist, published a dissertation detailing his findings in 1977.

The Danish Welfare Museum’s Jacob Knage Rasmussen said that this is the first documented time where children under care were used for research purposes in the country.

“I do not know of similar attempts, neither in Denmark nor in Scandinavia. It is appalling information that contradicts the Nuremberg Code of 1947, which after World War II was to set some ethical restrictions for experiments on humans” Rasmussen stated.

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