Chinese military responds to ‘wrong signals’ about Taiwan — Analysis

A large-scale Chinese naval and air patrol mission was launched by the Chinese military. It took place during a US legislator’s visit to Taiwan.

After the American delegation reached Taipei, Thursday’s arrival was demanded by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “stop official exchanges with Taiwan and avoid going further down the dangerous path.”

On Friday, a display of force followed, as fighter jets, destroyers and bombers from different branches of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army went on a mission to patrol the Taiwan Strait in combat readiness. According to Senior Colonel Shi Yi of the PLA Eastern Theatre Command spokesperson, drills were held which simulated an attack at sea.

Shi claims that the response was to Shi’s request for a change in the “wrong signals”About Taiwan’s origin from the US. Despite being destined to fail, Washington’s “tricks” were still dangerous, the spokesman stated. “Those who play with fire will get burnt,”He warned.

US lawmakers arrive in Taiwan unannounced

Wu Qian, a spokesperson for the Chinese Defense Ministry later explained what these were. “wrong signals” were, saying that the ongoing visit of a delegation of US Congressmen to Taiwan violated Beijing’s ‘One China’ policy, damaged bilateral relations between the two countries and further increased tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan “a sacred and integral part of China’s territory,” Wu insisted, adding that the country’s military was eager to take “all necessary measures to resolutely thwart any interference of external forces and the separatist plot of ‘Taiwan independence.’”

The chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Bob Menendez and senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham met with Taiwan’s President Tsai Img-wen to discuss Friday.

Graham stated that America was a priority during the meeting. “going to start making China pay a greater price for what they are doing all over the world… The support for [Russia’s President Vladimir]Putin has to pay a price. The never-ending cyberattack on your economy and people by the Communist Chinese needs to come with a price.”

Although the US recognizes Beijing as China’s sole legal authority since 1979, it has kept strong, unofficial relations with Taipei. It supports its efforts for sovereignty and supplies arms to Taiwan.

US comments on possibility of China attacking Taiwan

Taiwan has been self-governed since 1949, but never formally declared independence from China, so Beijing views it as a breakaway territory under its ‘One China’ policy.

Despite saying that a peaceful solution was preferable, President Xi Jinping and other Chinese officials have previously warned that Beijing wouldn’t hesitate to use force against Taiwan if the island of 25 million eventually tries to cut ties with the mainland.

Jake Sullivan, White House National security advisor to the White House, responded on Thursday to a question concerning the possibility of a Chinese attack against Taiwan. “going to take every step we possibly can to ensure it never happens.”

Beijing was “carefully looking”At the February military offensive launched by Russia in Ukraine, “to learn lessons writ large, including with respect to Taiwan,”He warned.



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