Chinese ambassador summoned over Navy ship ‘intrusion’ — Analysis

Manila summoned Beijing’s representative over a reconnaissance ship’s presence near some of the nation’s islands

The Philippines formally summoned China’s ambassador, Huang Xilian, on Monday, demanding an explanation after what it called the “illegal intrusion and lingering presence” of a Chinese navy reconnaissance ship near some of the nation’s largest islands.

Manilla stated that the Chinese vessel entered the waters of the country without permission between January 29th, and February 1st and then ignored all orders to leave.

Philippines claimed it was present in the area after it was spotted off Apo Island and the Cuyo Group of Islands. “did not constitute innocent passage and violated Philippine sovereignty.”

China was accused of violating the territorial rights in the Indo-Pacific Region. Beijing is seeking to increase its control and authority over this region. Beijing cites historical claims to many areas that are being disputed by others.

China accuses US of disinformation

The West has accused Beijing of using its coast guard and other vessels to disrupt the economies of neighbouring countries.

China’s embassy in Manilla has so far not issued a public comment on the latest accusation — and the Philippines foreign ministry did not explain the delay in reporting the incident.

Back in January, China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, claimed that his country will not use its geopolitical power to “bully”Smaller neighbors are still able to co-operate in disputes regarding territorial rights in the South China Sea.

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