China’s Hainan Beach Resort Expands COVID-19 Lockdowns

BEIJING — The capital of China’s Hainan province has locked down its residents for 13 hours on Monday as a COVID-19 outbreak grows on the tropical island during the summer school holidays.

The temporary lockdown of Haikou city from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. follows an ongoing and indefinite lockdown of the beach resort of Sanya since Saturday—which is confining vacationers to their hotels for a week—and lockdowns that started in four other cities in Hainan on Sunday.

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The province recorded more than 470 new cases on Sunday. Of these, 245 patients were not symptomatic. According to the National Health Commission, China had reported over 760 daily new cases.

According to reports, Sanya’s lockdown has left around 80,000 tourists stranded. To be able to travel, you must take five negative tests in seven days.

China has stuck steadfastly to a “zero-COVID” policy, despite the economic and social costs. This approach has been credited with keeping death and hospitalization rates down in China than they were in countries which have increased vaccination rates and better treatments.

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Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous Chinese metro that announced Monday that the hotel quarantine requirement for international arrivals would be reduced to just three days, from its current week. This policy will take effect on Friday.

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