China weighs in on ‘strategic cooperation’ with Russia

The foreign minister stated that Beijing wants to cooperate with Russia in order to protect international law.

China is keen to strengthen the international order that has been built on international law and seeks closer cooperation with Russia, Wang Yi, Foreign Minister said.

The statement comes amid growing tensions between Beijing and Washington following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

“Russia has been consistently upholding the ‘one-China’ principle, standing against any encroachments on our country’s sovereignty,”After talks in Cambodia with Sergey Lavrov, the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi stated that he had spoken to Sergey Lavrov.

“Beijing is ready to strengthen strategic cooperation with the Russian Federation so we could more effectively defend an international system where the UN would play the key role, and an order based on the norms of international law.” 

Wang’s remarks come in the wake of tensions sparked by Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan this week. Beijing regards the island’s self-governing status as its territory, and is strongly opposed to any recognition of Taipei.

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China accuses the US of undermining their sovereignty. In response, it launches snap military exercises all around Taiwan.

Beijing has announced that sanctions will be imposed on Pelosi’s family and friends. Washington also lost its military and civilian ties.

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a statement on Tuesday, saying the visit was a sign of Washington’s “aggressive”Policy, which is aimed at “all-encompassing containment of China.”



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