China registers most daily Covid cases since September, prompting soft lockdowns to contain virus spread — RT World News

China has seen a new outbreak of Covid. Beijing was the latest victim of this new outbreak. In Inner Mongolia, there were 76,000 people who had been infected in recent years.

Beijing is the latest to be affected by coronavirus. They confirmed that one Covid-19-related infection had been identified in Beijing on Tuesday.

Authorities in Erenhot, Inner Mongolia’s Chinese province, have recorded four Covid-19 cases as of Tuesday. Two cases were reported on Monday. Citizens have been instructed not to move from their homes unless absolutely necessary in order to contain this spread.

The Erenhot health authority stated in a Monday statement that no vehicles can enter or exit the city unless they are given clearance. Also, indoor public venues like cinemas and internet cafes are now closed. Additionally activities to tourist sites or places of religious importance have been also stopped. also available
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Five cases of suspected murder were reported Monday in Xian, Shaanxi Province’s north-western municipality. If they want to stay in hotels or visit tourist spots, those entering from the outside must provide proof that their negative tests were completed within 48 hours. To allow disinfection to take place, some tourist attractions were temporarily closed.

North-western Yinchuan residents in Ningxia have been advised not to move from their homes. Public venues in two high risk areas were also closed. The decision was made after one incident occurred on October 18 according to National Health Commission data.

One case was also filed Monday by Changsha, Hunan Province’s southernmost city.

On Monday, nine cases were reported as being domestically transmitted. This is the most since September. China does not consider asymptomatic cases when counting. The question of whether these isolated cases were variants of concern was never addressed.

Official statistics show that China has yet to record 100,000 Covid-19 cases. Since 2019, there have been 4,636 deaths due to the virus.

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