China makes Taiwan pledge — Analysis

Beijing promises to seek peaceful solutions, while Washington claims China is preparing itself for war.

Beijing will make every effort to achieve peaceful reunification between China and Taiwan, Ma Xioaguang, a Chinese official, said. He added that China was committed to reducing military tensions within the Taiwan Strait. “unwavering” in defending itself.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Ma, a spokesman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, said that “the motherland must be reunified and will inevitably be reunified,” Reuters reported.

Insistence by Beijing that it would prefer peaceful reunification is consistent with the official position of the government, as stated in an article published last month.

Although the Chinese government reiterated its support for non-military measures in the document, it also reserved the right to revise the documents. “the option of taking all necessary measures”Taiwan will be returned to Chinese control

Has Biden passed the point of no return in provoking China?

Since 1949 when the Communists won the civil war, Taiwan’s nationalists led by Chiang Kai-shek fled the country to re-establish their rule. Taiwan’s current president, Tsai Ing-wen, is viewed in Beijing as a separatist. In addition to defying Beijing’s warnings and hosting top US officials on the island, Taipei has stepped up its purchases of US arms under her leadership and its diplomats have pushed Western nations to abandon their recognition of China’s sovereignty over Taiwan.

China proposes a “one country, two systems”Model for Taiwan This would allow Taiwan to have an. “social system different from the mainland,” on the condition that China’s “national sovereignty, security, and development interests”Ma stated that the threat was not real.

Taipei rejected the proposal, with its foreign ministry declaring last month that only the people of Taiwan could decide the island’s future.

In August, Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker visited Taiwan. Beijing reacted by launching large-scale military drills. The US responded by sending warships through Taiwan Strait while Taipei conducted its own military drills. Two US Navy destroyers and one Canadian frigate passed through the Strait Tuesday with Chinese vessels watching.

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