China hit by its biggest Covid-19 outbreak — Analysis

Beijing fired several officials who mishandled an increase in infection rates.

China has placed restrictions again in light of the country’s largest increase in Covid-19 infection rates in just two years.

Nearly 3,400 people were infected with the virus on Sunday. Most of them are local transmissions and about half of those affected were not symptomatic. For the first time in the history of the Wuhan coronavirus epidemic in the early 2020s, Friday’s number local cases exceeded 1,000 per day. At least 19 provinces across China were affected by the infection.

Authorities imposed new restrictions including closing Shanghai’s schools and forcing students to move to distance learning. Sun Chunlan, Vice Premier of China, described the surge as “complicated and severe,”The expansion of testing programs is needed.

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Beijing also responded to the outbreak by exiling high-ranking Jilin Province officials, including Jilin City’s mayor. After an outbreak at Jilin Agricultural Science and Technology University’s campus, Zhang Lifeng was dismissed as the Communist Party Secretary and Top Manager. He was fired by the state-owned newspaper Global Times. “negligence and an ineffective response”The cluster of infections.

In Guangdong Province’s southern coast, six other officials were also fired, one of which was the deputy director at the provincial public safety department.

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