China fires back at UK and US over Hong Kong — Analysis

London and Washington have published reports on Hong Kong’s political freedoms record

Hong Kong officials have called on the foreign powers to stop meddling in China’s domestic affairs after the US and the UK governments released reports pointing at an alleged deterioration of political freedoms in the city. 

“We strongly oppose the unfounded and ridiculous allegations against the Hong Kong special administrative region’s government made by foreign countries through various reports. The government urges foreign countries to stop interfering into the internal affairs of China through Hong Kong affairs,” the global financial hub’s government said in a statement on Friday.

Earlier on Thursday, London and Washington published two separate reports with a similar conclusion, claiming Hong Kong is facing an erosion of political rights and freedoms under Beijing’s rule. 

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“Actions by the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities continue to systematically undermine the rights and freedoms promised to the people of Hong Kong,”The British report agrees.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also commented on the matter, blaming the Chinese Communist Party for allegedly dismantling Hong Kong’s democratic institutions. 

“Hong Kong’s freedoms are diminishing while the [People’s Republic of China]The government tightens their control. The differences between Hong Kong and cities in mainland China are shrinking due to ongoing repression from the PRC,”The statement was made by the top US diplomat. 

Hong Kong used to be a British Empire colony before 1997. Today the city is one of China’s two special administrative regions. According to the principle “one country, two systems”Hong Kong is a country with a distinct status, which allows for separate economic and governing systems.

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