China expands sanctions list

Seven Taiwanese officials branded “independent diehards” by Beijing

China is expanding its list of individuals sanctioned by it “Taiwan independence diehards.” Seven more officials, including Taipei’s de facto ambassador to the US, were added to it.

The latest entries also include the chief of Taiwan’s security council and members of the ruling party. Previously, Beijing sanctioned the head of Taiwan’s cabinet, the speaker of the parliament and its top diplomat.

The Chinese prohibit targeted persons and their families from entering Chinese-controlled territory or profiting from business done in China. Beijing stated that this was not a complete list, and warned those who are included in it could face severe punishment under Chinese law.

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Protest against Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan © Getty Images / Anthony Kwan
Pelosi’s son who joined her on Taiwan trip holds Chinese tech stake – media

“No one should underestimate our strong determination, firm will, and the ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity,”Xinhua reported that a spokesperson for Taiwan Affairs Office said these words.

Lin Fei-fan, a senior figure in Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party, said he was glad to be blacklisted by Beijing. It was, according to him, a badge he considers honor that marks him and his fellow sanctioned persons. “members of the free world”.

This Chinese government move comes amid diplomatic turmoil that has been triggered by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. The highest ranking US official in the country to visit the autonomous Chinese island for more than two decades was she.

Beijing, which claims Taiwan as part of Chinese territory, accused the US of undermining the ‘One China’ principle and encouraging separatism. China held massive military exercises near the island, and also imposed trade sanctions on it. Individual Chinese sanctions were imposed on Pelosi’s family after she visited.



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