China develops world’s largest bionic robot

According to reports, this stocky quadripetal machine could be used to deliver and inspect terrain in rugged areas.

China has developed a new, electric-powered quadripedal bionic robot. It is said to be the most powerful and heavy. It’s designed to help with deliveries and reconnaissance operations in complex conditions deemed too risky for human soldiers, as revealed by Chinese Central Television (CCTV).

According to the reports and footage of the bot, the stocky four-legged device – dubbed “a mechanical yak” – stands almost as tall as an adult man and can carry up to 160 kilograms (334 pounds) while running at a speed of up to 10 kilometers (six miles) per hour.

Despite being described as the world’s heaviest bionic robot, the machine can reportedly run forward and backward, turn, jump, sprint, and walk diagonally. According to CCTV, the device can traverse treacherous terrain like cliffs and trenches. 

This walking bot could potentially be deployed in recon operations, such as high-risk areas and hostile environments. A second possible application is to deliver cargo such as provisions and munition to off-grid areas and remote locations that are not accessible to traditional vehicles.

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It “mechanical yak”It is not believed to be the first Chinese military-grade, bionic robot. Chinese media also revealed a mechanical dog named Geda as a quadrupedal device. The robot is 32 kg (70.5 pounds) in weight and can transport up to 40kg of payload. It also understands voice commands as well as facial recognition. The robot is said to have successfully passed testing on difficult terrain such as forests and rocky roads.

China’s government seems to have set their sights on becoming the world leader in robotics technology by 2025. Chinese officials announced at 2021 an ambitious five-year plan that will boost robotics growth.

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