China builds life-size mock-ups of US warships to test missiles – report — RT World News

According to satellite imagery, the Chinese military was building mockups of US warships life size in a missile test area. Similar types of ships regularly navigate close to Chinese waters, and even around Taiwan.

USNI (the United States Naval Institute), an American think tank based in Maryland, published satellite images of targets at full scale. These included the US Ford-class aircraft carrier US Ford and two Arleigh Burke class guided missile destroyers. Satellite imagery firm Maxar provided the photos.

According to USNI, the carrier-shaped target was first built in a remote desert in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region between March and April of 2019, then largely dismantled in December of that year. According to the think tank, construction was resumed in September and completed in October.

Other than the primary carrier-shaped target the report claimed that two additional target areas looked like an airplane due to their shape. Maxar, in an email to Bloomberg News stated that there were two targets at the site measuring approximately 75m (234.6 feet) each and they were mounted on rails.

US 7th Fleet is made up of aircraft carriers and Arleigh Burke ships. Their vessels have participated in drills with Japan and South Korea as well as close proximity to Chinese maritime borders.

Bloomberg reported that Beijing had placed its targets in an area where foreign satellites could see them. “trying to show Washington what its missile forces can do.”China has yet to comment on this matter.

China fired DF-26 anti-ship missiles long-range and long-range anti-ship weapons DF-21D on August 20, 2020. “carrier killers”Some analysts.

In recent years, US-Chinese relations have been severely strained over issues that range from trade and espionage all the way to Hong Kong or Taiwan. Both countries accuse the other of causing tensions in South China Sea. also available
‘Those who betray the motherland will never end up well’: China’s stark message to Taiwan

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