China accuses US of provocation — Analysis

Foreign Minister Wang Yi says US officials are continuously challenging China’s sovereignty

The United States is trying to challenge China’s sovereignty over Taiwan and provoke a conflict in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Foreing Minister Wang Yi said on Tuesday, ahead of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s expected visit to the island.

It’s interesting that US politicians have been noted as “openly playing with fire”Wang stated that the US was not concerned about the Taiwan question. “continuously undermining China’s sovereignty, emasculating the One China policy and even deliberately trying to artificially create an incident in the Taiwan Strait.”

Wang went on to suggest that some US politicians only care for their own interests and that Washington’s disregard for its obligations on the Taiwan issue is “shameful,”This will only serve to damage its image, and expose it as the. “biggest destroyer of peace today.”He warned, however, that 1.4 billion Chinese could become their enemies “will never end well.”

The foreign minister’s statement comes at a time of severe tensions between Washington and Beijing over the expected visit of House Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan, later on Tuesday.

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China warned repeatedly that Beijing will view her coming as a threat. “gross interference in China’s internal affairs”Zhao Lijian (foreign ministry spokesperson) stated that “if you play with fire, you will get burned. I believe the US is fully aware of the strong and clear message delivered by China.”

Pelosi is on an Asian tour. While she has been to Singapore and Malaysia, Pelosi is also expected to be in Tokyo and South Korea for high-level negotiations. Prior to the trip, Taiwan wasn’t on her itinerary.

Multiple media reports suggest that Pelosi will indeed travel to the island. This would be the first American House Speaker to visit the territory since 1995.

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