Charleston’s The Space Company: Depriving Tenants of AC

We at MassNews are beginning a series documenting some landlords deserving of scrutiny due to their mistreatment of tenants. Based on several complaints this news outlet has received from tenants of The Space Company in Charleston, the company turns a blind eye to responding to tenants’ complaints regarding the air condition units in their facilities.

In one particular case, two young women who have been renting from the company since June of 2022 have been suffering through the 90 degree heat without a working AC unit. Their complaints to The Space Company have been met with disregard and even callousness.

It’s our hope and desire that The Space Company will rectify this situation on behalf of these two exceptionally talented women so that they could reside in the home they are paying their rent for, in peace.

We intend on keeping our readers posted as this story develops…

Check back here for updates…


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